We are well known for our curry products sold at Summer Markets in Canmore, Banff, and Calgary under "A Russell Donald Curry."  

We have recently re-branded  to "Mad Dog Quality Products".

The Mad Dog Product line will see many new additions over the next few months, not only more curry products, but also some family non-curry favorites.

We have expanded our market area include many other local market favorites as well.  Some of these include:

Bow Valley BBQ
Dave's Jams
Medicine Hat Meat Trader's Beef Jerky
Nature'l Tea
Shooting Starfish Jewellery & Scarves
Figaro's Soft Honey Nougat
Le Chocolatier Chocolate
Mountain Blends Coffee
Mad Dog Dogsledding t-shirts & Mugs
...much more coming soon.

Now you don't have to go into Canmore or Banff to find some of the Bow Valleys most popular items. Just a quick stop in Dead Man's Flats and you can get all our shopping done in one place,  and have a great cup of coffee and meal at the same time! How Perfect is that!

Curry Spice Kits

Based on Russell's tried and true recipe's, we have 9 different Masala (spice) kits, each for a specific type of curry.  We bring in the spices direct so they are very fresh, include the base recipe and and shopping list and voila, you now can "russell" yourself up a great curry.

Frozen Samosas, Curry, and more..

In the freezer, we carry an assortment of heat and serve curries and samosas.  Choose from a wide selection of meat or vegetarian curry, already prepared, as well as, packages of beef, veggie, lamb, and hot beef vindaloo samosas

Originally known as.....

Our new product line!

Our most popular kit. BUTTER CHICKEN! YUM!

Our most popular kit. BUTTER CHICKEN! YUM!