Authentic Indian Curry

Born in England and living in Canada for over 20 years, Russell's interest in Indian cooking comes from his dad who was born and raised in India. His Grandmother was Burmese and Russell spent much time as a small child hovering around the kitchen. The ultimate compliment for Russell today is a comparison to his Grandma's curry.

He is proud to say that he received the "thumbs up" from the British Army's Nepalese Ghurkas, world renown for their curries.

 Russell has had the pleasure of cooking for many British Soldiers over the campfire on his dog sled expeditions. Nothing like a good curry on a cold night out on the trail!


A little more on us in case you are interested...

Russell was born in Manchester, England. Although not the normal place for a Dogsled Musher to originate from, he knew at an early age that the Canadian Rockies was where he wanted to be. After completing college for drafting, he started designing sprinkler systems, which is what eventually brought him to Canada. Working in Edmonton, he volunteered at the Dogsled Races that used to be held in Canmore, AB and eventually started working with a racing kennel running 500 mile races. He was hooked and has spent the last 20 years building our Dogsled business. We now have 100 beautiful Alaskan Huskies and run tours on some of the most beautiful trails in the Canadian Rockies. Not only is Russell mad about dogs, he is also mad for curry, which he learned to cook traditionally from his Burmese Grandmother and  India born Father. Basically brought up on curry himself, he has been known to spend many long hours cooking away in his kitchen creating Indian inspired feasts to feed to friends and family.

Dawn was what you call a "track brat". Her father was a thoroughbred  Jockey and they moved around a lot when she was young between Canada and the United States following the racing circuit. She was always meeting new people and trying new foods and learned to love it. Although they moved quite a bit, her grandparents farm, west of Edmonton, was always her stable base. Over 100 years old now, the farm was where I learned how to love family, grow and cook great food, and just be herself. Many hours a day you could find her in her grandmother's garden, playing in the fields, or helping feed the many animals that they kept. Dawn spent every summer there, and each time she would drive up the road to the house, she knew she was home.

"This is this feeling that I hope to bring to our cafe. A place where you want to stop in at each and every time you go by". 

My grandmother and my mother are both excellent cooks so it is from them that I began my love of cooking at a very young age. After many years traveling, I settled in Canmore where I met Russel. He cooked me a curry the first weekend we dated and have been together ever since.

  When we first started down this road, we didn't have any idea that it would lead us to where we are now. We absolutely love what we do and are very thankful for all the twists and turns our adventure has taken and for the many great people it has allowed us to meet along the way...Dawn & Russell

Russell's Great Grandma Haddock

Russell's Great Grandma Haddock

Russ and Dawn. Our first Christmas at the Cafe.

Russ and Dawn. Our first Christmas at the Cafe.